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Rooftop Solar Panels

Optimize your clean energy peer-to-peer trust, choices and options

Certified Clean Energy™ blockchain-of-custody™ credits & kWhs digital certification-contract™ with ‘live' settlement and generation-to-retirement tracking on open-source cryptographic database blockchain delivering trust, choices, and options.
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Defensible intellectual property with our patent-pending all-inclusive and expansive energy efficiency ($600 Billion market), renewable energy ($900 Billion market) and carbon credit ($1 Trillion market) tracking, tracing, trading, retiring, measurement, verification and auditing digital cryptographic technology with engineer and accounting audit verification giving credit buyers/sellers trusted, unchangeable, tamper-proof data to prevent double-counting and fraud from generation to final use plus giving you fully protected intellectual property with a legally registered patent, trademark, website, logo, service mark, published article & domain name:  

Energy credit accounting and management using blockchain patent Abstract: The disclosed system and methods advantageously track credits from generation through ownership trades to retirement; raw data will be submitted to one blockchain or a conventional database, while credit transactions will be tracked on a separate blockchain. This system leaves a simple audit trail, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with reconciliation and auditing and enables producers to monetize their credits quickly after generation. Importantly, while microtransactions are currently prohibitively expensive, the use of blockchain technology enables smaller producers to participate in credit programs, and incentives to be designed at the consumer level.  Our IEEE published article

Solar Storage EV Fast Charging Stations
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Clean energy peer-to-peer credits and kWh trading with 'blockchain of custody'™
'Sustainable Asset Funding' to fund and incentivize renewable energy generation
Solar storage EV charging with excess clean energy powering low-income affordable housing
Solar storage EV charging with excess clean energy solar going back to your facilities
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