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Our team

Clean energy, IT, OT and business professionals

Mark Johnson.jpeg

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a ‘grad’ of U.S. Department of Energy, Navigant, IBM Energy/Utilities & Schneider Electric founding & with a MBA from Loyola Chicago and BA from the University of Notre Dame whose extensive clean energy experience helps him lead holistic professional teams to identify and satisfy customers needs. 

Fred Maurer.jpeg

Dr. Frederic Maurer

Fred has a PhD-degree in energy while working for top electric power companies leading negotiation and technical exchange with over 30 customers on three continents. Fred is experienced in leading complex energy infrastructure projects in multi-cultural settings. Fred likes to solve hard problems and to evolve in a challenging and demanding environment. Fred lives in Switzerland.

Dr. Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University with a BS from the University of Notre Dame. His thesis work was at the interface of chemistry and materials science at the nanoscale, investigating new materials for solar cells and batteries, and he will use this skill set to evaluate emerging clean energy technologies. 

Paul Johnson.jpeg

Paul Alagiah Johnson

Paul is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who knows and understands accounting with new technological and business model approaches for digitally distributed, decentralized, public & private ledger networks to cut carbon. Paul is a University of Florida B.S. in Finance grad who is actively researching new digital cryptographic blockchain business models, technologies and teams.

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