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Clean Energy Blockchain Network Pioneers Clean Energy Certification with Professional Energy Enginee

And wins award to engineer solar + storage + EV charging with excess clean energy powering low-income housing

Solar storage EV charging with excess clean solar powering low-income affordable housing


  • Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN) is implementing digital cryptography to identify, certify, inspect, and audit clean energy at its source.

  • Certified Clean Energy™ clearly identifies that clean energy has been certified by professional energy engineers with a pre-audit and a spot audit.

  • CEBN provides Blockchain-of-Custody™ for beginning-to-end vetting and verifying of clean energy credits, such that RECs and carbon credits, can be easily and securely traded and audited.

  • CEBN won a Resilient Power Project technical assistance award from Clean Energy Group ( to engineer solar + storage + EV charging with surplus clean solar to power low-income housing.

CEBN is deploying automated clean energy verification with its audited Certification Contract™, live settlement, flexible APIs, and tracking from generation to retirement on a blockchain-based platform. It leverages custom marketplace user interfaces, clean energy project inventories, and escrowed funds, delivering trust, choices, and options.

Optimizing clean energy for both carbon reductions and reduced electricity costs with a peer-to-peer clean energy and credit trading platform, CEBN utilizes world-leading blockchain technology to create a transparent, auditable, and automated record of energy generation, storage and consumption that is certified clean by energy engineers.

"Clean Energy Blockchain Network will inspect and audit every clean energy production site and do follow-up spot audits to ensure clean energy produced for transparency, full disclosure and assurance," Dr. Mike Ashley said.

Both Ashley and Frank Curran, CEBN vice presidents, provide local, hands-on technical assistance for CEBN deployments and implementations. An initial solar + storage + EV charging station project is currently underway, with Ashley leading the design and engineering phase. The project, based in Evanston, IL, and with support from Clean Energy Group, will enable excess solar power to be sent to nearby low-income housing at the cost of transmission; energy "transactions" will leverage smart meter readings and be recorded on a permissioned blockchain.

"CEBN is a pioneer in implementing viable use cases for blockchain in the energy space, helping customers cut clean energy costs and carbon, leveraging existing business processes and digital accountability," Curran said. "We're also showing that off-site clean energy assets can be used to power low-income housing at low cost."

"CEBN uses best professional practices by certified energy engineers to provide assurance of clean energy assets," Ashley said. "We're trying to be practical but ambitious in showing what blockchain can do for clean energy."

"Blockchain-of-Custody™ provides near-real time settlement and generation-to-retirement credit tracking on a cryptographically secure database and will cut the time and costs associated with existing REC and carbon credit systems," Curran said.

Clean Energy Blockchain Network cuts costs and time for energy and credit trading.

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